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able to provide for your own needs without help from others

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The program is a comprehensive, long-term effort to restore flows to the San Joaquin River from Friant Dam to the confluence of the Merced River and restore self-sustaining Chinook salmon populations in the river while reducing or avoiding adverse water supply impacts from those flows.
The financial resources of the Fund will be spent for self-sustaining projects, that is this money will be returned to the state.
Lesley Calder, head of European and skills strategy at One North East, said: "It is clear the digital and creative sector is a vital way forward for the Tees Valley economy and this ERDF funding will allow the DigitalCity Business project to strive forward and start to achieve its ultimate aims of becoming a vibrant, successful and self-sustaining cluster.
TOKYO - The government said Monday it is premature to raise its outlook for the economy as the current recovery trend has yet to become self-sustaining, while warning that Europe's debt crisis could be a risk to derail the potential recovery.
In a statement he said, 'The massive monetary and fiscal impulses, although necessary and correct, can and should not be increased further and do not replace a self-sustaining recovery.
It has rehabilitated roads, buildings, fences, and other infrastructure; created a science program; experimented with a variety of grazing options; taken steps to manage its forests; expanded recreational opportunities; and taken its first steps toward becoming financially self-sustaining.
The main goal for the facility in the short term is to reach self-sustaining "ignition," the release of many times more energy than the laser energy required to initiate the reaction.
But losing the status next year would have exacerbated the effects of the real-estate boom and made it even tougher to keep the residential, commercial and industrial balance that's key to a healthy and self-sustaining community.
The micromotor system points the way to self-sustaining and self-repairing machines, since the active units .
How do highly successful real estate investors develop virtual empires that are self-sustaining companies that continually flourish?
Previously, spillover has been used to describe a wide range of dynamics (20), but we recommend limiting its use to transient infections in a target host because of transmission from a reservoir host that is not self-sustaining in the target population.
Following the efforts of Jim Ludwig, who spent years and his personal fortune building GAEA, a domed world to create independence, luxury, and self-sustaining survival for a new wave of futurists, Timing takes a drastic turn when the September 11th attacks shatter reality itself.
A self-sustaining farm that will provide jobs and promote understanding among Christians and Muslims, particularly youth, some of whom are caught in a web of violence.
Alvin Ailey was buoyed by his many collaborations, as well as his strategic business sense in the later years, which created a self-sustaining legacy.
Self-Sustaining Solutions for Streams, Watersheds, and Wetlands, an ASAE speciality conference, will be held Sept.