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Synonyms for self-sufficient


Synonyms for self-sufficient

free from the influence, guidance, or control of others

able to support oneself financially

Synonyms for self-sufficient

able to provide for your own needs without help from others

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Whereas, with decriminalisation, it's a lot easier for workers to work self-sufficiently and we can register as a business.
He hopes to manage his exit and the monies raised will help run Hearts self-sufficiently until next summer.
We recently completed our three-bin composter to help manage the volume of discarded garden and kitchen waste from our recent venture into moving to the country and living more self-sufficiently.
Back to the land' tells the story of how people moved from cities to rural blocks in the 1970s and 1980s, following their dreams of living self-sufficiently using organic principles.
Sue and her hubby of four years, Kevin, try to live self-sufficiently on their farm, not worrying about how clean the farmhouse is or when she last put on a pile of washing.
But Sue and Kev try to live self-sufficiently on their farm, not worrying about how clean the farmhouse is or when she last put a pile of washing on.
I learned basic Braille reading, how to walk with a cane and how people live in their homes, self-sufficiently," she says.
IN THE 70s BBC SIT-COM, The Good Life, Tom and Barbara Good decide to turn their backs on consumerism and the daily grind, and live self-sufficiently on their suburban block.
Rypos was selected for the Croton project based upon its ability to achieve or exceed 'Best Available Technology' in low exhaust temperature applications, experience with high horsepower engines, intelligent design and capacity to regenerate self-sufficiently," said Glenn Goldstein of Emisstar LLC, a mobile emissions consulting firm that has been charged with reducing air pollution at the 12-acre public works project.
Just as despair begins to sink in, he discovers an old tuk-tuk, or three-wheeled miniature taxi, and gambles his savings on his last hope for self-sufficiently.
Ewing Kauffman's legacy includes the Marion Kauffman Foundation that strives to follow his beliefs to help others live self-sufficiently in healthy communities.
Travelling completely self-sufficiently, with a medic and mechanic among the squad, the team left central London's Wellington Barracks yesterday morning.
Even when Northeastern's space was set to operate self-sufficiently, problems were not over.
There were, in fact, very few places on the globe where agriculture could have begun self-sufficiently.
Users have immediate access to their corporate data through any mobile device, enabling them to make informed decisions on the fly, simply and self-sufficiently.