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an energetic person with unusual initiative

an electric starting motor that automatically starts an internal-combustion engine

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Peter has a great reputation as a self-starter and team player, and I look forward to working closely with him.
He's one of the most pleasant guys in the clubhouse and he's a self-starter.
My findings concluded that they needed a strong leader, who was bilingual, a self-starter and had strong business skills to run the company when my dad stepped down," said Noons.
The candidate here has to be someone who is a self-starter.
The Beyond Self-Starters event will be held at The Assembly Rooms in Fenkle Street, Newcastle, from 12.
Oxford-educated Sheridan - whose product designs include The Butt Plug, a pink rubber, bum-shaped cover for an electrical plug - reckons Wales needs to nourish its creative genius and encourage self-starters to translate their ideas into business.
But as a new function, it also needs self-starters and ambassadors.
With the digital age upon us, there has never been more opportunity out there for motivated self-starters.
Executive producers are usually tenacious self-starters, Wilson adds.
Berchin says he selects self-starters, allows the kids to set their own pace and then calls in other teachers to help with unfamiliar subjects, such as microeconomics.
Ideal candidates are self-starters desiring home-based employment.
As a new report reveals that one in ten of the country's most successful entrepreneurs plans to leave the country because they believe it's easier to make money abroad, we speak to three Tees Valley self-starters who've made headlines here over the past year.
He describes successful teleworkers as self-starters with strong work ethic, discipline, and the ability to work well without supervision.