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Synonyms for self-serving

Synonyms for self-serving

interested only in yourself


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Those who are more self-serving and who use their influence over others as a way to boost their ego are more likely to alienate others.
When comparing people with a self-serving view of power to those who believe that it is something that should be used responsibly, PsychTests' research revealed some surprising differences:
88% of those who are self-serving will use intimidation to get what they want, compared to 7% of the responsible group.
98% of those who are self-serving see power as a way to improve their social status, compared to 8% of the responsible group.
88% of those who are self-serving believe that doing their best is not enough - they need to Be the best (compared to 26% of the responsible group).
The United States must follow the rules of universal justice and avoid self-serving activities by channeling its influence through an intergovernmental organization.
How does this self-serving action help the shareholders?
Sponsored by self-serving consultants, the initiative is opposed by the, Congress of California Seniors, California Professional Firefighters, California Association of Highway Patrolmen, Engineers and Architects Association, local governments, school groups, law enforcement, firefighters, and tax reform advocates.
Likewise, the department has no fixed criteria for determining the appropriateness of its self-serving parties or their cost.
It was contrary to Florida state law to allow this self-serving testimony without allowing the defense an adequate opportunity to refute this testimony.
If there's value in Soboroff's self-serving and hypocritical challenge to his opponents, it's that it exposes their self-serving and hypocritical manipulation of the city's campaign-financing scheme.
Over the past several weeks, Fujifilm has concentrated its resources on showing that Kodak's claims are untrue, irresponsible and self-serving.
It has shamelessly made false allegations against Fujifilm in a self-serving attempt to use political pressure to accomplish what its own lack of managerial effort and failed marketing strategies have not been able to accomplish.
The troupe's latest outing, ``City for Sale,'' focuses on the evils of gentrification, as represented by self-serving developer Ben (Amos Glick), who is endeavoring to evict longtime industrial-area residents in order to turn their low-rent housing into high-priced yuppie lofts.
In the closest thing to a true commedia portrayal, Brown is dead-on as the lascivious, self-serving Mayor who can't understand why she is being held accountable, wailing, ``Those weren't really (campaign) promises, they were figures of speech.