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renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others

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Balthasar, for his part, not only focused on Mary's self-renunciation but also saw her virginal motherhood as a gift of grace now offered as "an expropriated experience for the benefit of all" those who make up the communio sanctorum.
So self-renunciation for the sake of others so as to achieve a higher-order common good may well seem like a virtually unattainable ideal.
She has discovered that self-renunciation is the ultimate reality I well deserved the scourging I have got
As it turns out, the "miraculous" power of Maggie's martyrdom depends on the capacity of her friends to perform similar acts of self-renunciation.
Reverend Cullen's autobiography is replete with the values of Christian self-renunciation in service to God and others.
They are damaging because we know, (or should), how indigenous people were divided, separated, and shamed into self-renunciation by settler colonialism and government policies of so-called Protection and Assimilation which tore Aboriginal children from their parents and families.
Morally, it is not obvious that my duty to my neighbour is satisfied by giving an example of self-renunciation that allows her or his destruction.
She contrasts Weil's self-renunciation with Frank's and Hillesum's notions of giving.
48) A cause in accordance with divine virtue necessitated self-renunciation on the grandest of scales.
Because the mathematical idea in the passage does not call attention to itself, the formulation of the image suggests that the mathematical imagery is used not as an end in itself, but as an analogy that aptly expresses his view on self-renunciation.
While "civilization" was attached to male behavior, "mother," "wife," and "woman" served as a representation of a set of socially constructed behaviors attached to females that translated vaguely into an assortment of attributes that included passivity, frailty, modesty, patience, loyalty, acceptance, and self-renunciation.
John as a husband--the most torturous form of self-renunciation she can imagine--is a belief in a more benign and loving Creator, a Creator closer to Helen Burns's merciful Father than to St.
But insistent individualism can be toxic, with the sad outcome that self-promotion and self-protection regularly turn out to be self-renunciation, thus impoverishing the self rather than enriching it.
The third major area of similarity between these two works concerns the end of the Temptation in the Wilderness, Self-Renunciation, and the achievement of Manhood.
Hans Kung, "God's Self-Renunciation and Buddhist Emptiness: A Christian Response to Masao Abe," in Divine Emptiness and Historical Fullness, 213.