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Major Hartmann, whose self-possession had been admirably preserved during the whole evolution, was the first of the party that gained his feet and his voice.
I did not use to think her wanting in self-possession, but she had not quite enough for the demands of yesterday.
D'Artagnan, delighted at the turn things were taking, but not for a moment losing his self-possession, replied, -- "Sire, your majesty has no occasion to be alarmed.
Thirteen years had seen her mistress of Kellynch Hall, presiding and directing with a self-possession and decision which could never have given the idea of her being younger than she was.
By that time all had recovered their self-possession, and there was nothing out of the common to attract his attention.
And it would fill any one with admiration to see how he preserves his self-possession in the presence of a barley sack.
The doctor reacted against the gloominess of the situation and retained all the coolness and self-possession of a disciplined heart.
She found herself on the other side of the door without seeing anything remarkable, but immediately she heard a voice speaking in low tones which startled her as with a sense of dreaming in daylight, and advancing unconsciously a step or two beyond the projecting slab of a bookcase, she saw, in the terrible illumination of a certainty which filled up all outlines, something which made her pause, motionless, without self-possession enough to speak.
True, I was near nineteen; but, thanks to my retired life and the protecting care of my mother and sister, I well knew that many a girl of fifteen, or under, was gifted with a more womanly address, and greater ease and self-possession, than I was.
With rare self-possession he let his gaze drop, without appearing to have halted upon the mirror until it rested again upon the gems.
Then, as Gryphus seemed bent upon engaging in a struggle which the pain in his wrist, and shame for having allowed himself to be disarmed, would have made desperate, Cornelius took a decisive step, belaboring his jailer with the most heroic self-possession, and selecting the exact spot for every blow of the terrible cudgel.
I have wondered since at my own coolness in the face of the doctor's pistol; but my life depended on my keeping my self-possession, and the desperate nature of the situation lent me a desperate courage.
He recovered his self-possession almost as suddenly as he had lost it.
Later in the day, when I had in some degree recovered my self-possession, I wrote to Mr.
The extraordinary scene that had just passed, far from depriving me of the last remains of my courage, had strung up my nerves and restored my self-possession.