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(of firearms) capable of automatic loading and firing continuously

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Second generation SMGs focused on making the cheapest, easiest, self-loading pistol-caliber firing weapons possible.
After all, who wants to shoot a self-loading pistol that promises the .
Machinery dealers Emyr Evans were at Coleg Llysfasi, Ruthin, to show off the latest harvesting equipment, including a self-loading forage wagon.
Swain further denied possessing a self-loading pistol and ammunition, while Lynch denied a further charge of aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving after a car crash on the A45 in Canley later in the day.
Self-loading shaftless unwind stands quickly and efficiently position paper rolls in place behind the sheeter.
Both releases are constructed for self-loading and self-closing with one push of a button and feature a shorter head design for added draw length, more speed and increased accuracy.
He has been charged with possession of a pump action or self-loading rifle, possession of ammunition for a firearm without a certificate and two counts of failing to comply with the conditions of his firearms certificate.
22RF self-loading rifle, serial number 242-46235; a Remington .
The self-loading pistol, which had been converted to fire live ammunition, was found in a small Gucci bag on the floor only a few paces away from where the two-year-old was playing in the flat's bedroom.
The gun is self-loading, requiring three Soldiers to operate the vehicle--a driver, a gunner and a vehicle commander.
The guns were later identified as a revolver containing five live rounds; a 9mm self-loading pistol with a sock over the handle containing two live rounds; a mini self-loading pistol, unloaded, and a 9mm self-loading pistol containing modified blank ammunition.
They had a self-loading device for harvesting the grass incorporating a four-wheel-drive pick-up with dual wheels on the back where they placed a container into which the grass was loaded and carted back to the farm.
The self-loading inverted spindle concept eliminates the need for added automation systems since the moving spindle acts also as a gantry loader.
Lacombe provides a detailed overview of the uses, implementation, and drawbacks for qualitative, semi-qualitative, and fully qualitative adhesion measurement techniques and self-loading systems.
Sierra has recently introduced the T700 SL self-loading and unloading shear/baler/logger, which offers 700 tons of shearing force.