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insuring yourself by setting aside money to cover possible losses rather than by purchasing an insurance policy

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The Simpsonville, South Carolina-based group is seeking congressional support for the Self-Insurance Protection Act bill, a measure that would exclude stop-loss insurance from the federal definition of health insurance.
Barigozzi and Henriet (2011) analyze individuals' decision to perform a genetic test that enables informed self-insurance decisions.
But with self-insurance, companies take on more risk.
The plan avoids some of the taxes created by the ACA and allows employers to customize the kinds of health expenses the self-insurance plan covers to meet the needs of its workers.
Self-insurance provisions are considered void as frustrating public policy in certain circumstances in Rhode Island as well as other jurisdictions.
I called Mark Wilhelm, president of Safety National Insurance, to ask how our economic malaise is affecting the self-insurance market.
The Department of Labor, Division of Workers' Compensation had a Bureau of Self-Insurance whose chief was the late and very smart Joe Mastrovito.
The legislation was the result of serious problems with several self-insurance entities defaulting on their obligations to injured workers.
Have you considered replacing your standard unhealthy insurance plans with a self-insurance plan?
Millman concludes that what we may see not far off is a reduced demand for insurance amid more supply, as more companies look to various forms of self-insurance and risk mitigation.
To help combat escalating costs, many pool designers and builders, as well as manufacturers of component parts, now consider self-insurance.
Outside of Japan and China, the motivation for dollar reserve accumulation is self-insurance.
Typically the larger the deductible or self-insurance amount, the lower the premium.