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the ratio of the electromotive force produced in a circuit by self-induction to the rate of change of current producing it, expressed in henries

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ac] represents self-inductance and equivalent AC resistance of the windings respectively, C represents compensation capacitance).
In summary, the mutual inductance and self-inductance of three-phase WPT system with an asymmetric magnetic circuit should meet the following equation:
It is noted that the self-inductance of a cable is determined by the gap distance d, cable's length l, and radius [r.
Analytical Calculation of the Partial Self-inductance of a Thin Parallelogram
To compute the self-inductance of each spiral circular coil, the arithmetic geometrical averages for the external and internal coils should be calculated as given in (8)
i] marks the self-inductance of the coil standing alone and n is the total number of elementary coils in the object.
The substantial high frequency performance improvement seen is due to the high capacitance density and more importantly, to the low self-inductance of the ultra-thin material.
Ideal for telecommunication infrastructure, networking, servers, and military and aerospace applications, the TPM mirror tantalum capacitor delivers low self-inductance (ESL) and lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) in a small package.
Combined with the self-inductance in high power electronic components the minimum total expected value of inductance is in the 2 [micro]H-7 [micro]H range.
MSR] is fed to the armature winding during the increasing period of the self-inductance [L.
Self-inductance and loop inductance are the most common and mean the same thing.
The total inductance of the return path is reduced if the partial self-inductance of the return path is reduced.
self] = self-inductance of a trace surrounded by four traces per side [L.
The Columbus R, C and self-inductance interconnect modeler libraries for UMC processes are available for download now on UMC's website, www.