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Synonyms for self-gratification

indiscipline with regard to sensuous pleasures

the act of satisfying your own desires and giving yourself pleasure


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His motive was pure self-gratification, said the judge, who added that he had "robbed his victims of their childhoods".
Their implicit purpose is to enlighten emotionally conditioned people to compelling global concerns and responsibilities as a part of global citizenship, and motivate them to act as one engaged in self-gratification and self-validation.
John Ramsay, Solihull I AGREE with Paul Fulford's views on the high-profile, self-gratification of those who take part in the Pudsey appeal.
People were termed "hedonic" if their good feelings generally stemmed from their own pleasant experiences, or "eudaimonic" if their happiness derived from "striving toward meaning and a noble purpose beyond self-gratification.
However, people with relatively high levels of hedonic well-being - the type of happiness that comes from consummatory self-gratification (think most celebrities) - actually showed just the opposite.
In the open letter, Murray said: "I make this statement not for self-gratification or sour grapes but because so many fans have told me that dignified silence will be seen as a sign of disrespect.
Greed, envy, power, territorial rights, self-gratification or natural aggression - I cannot comprehend the senselessness of it all but of course their brain is smaller than that of Man.
That attack put Mr Riley firmly in the libertarian camp where self-gratification replaces standards, where there are no such things as lines in the sand and where the difference between right and wrong becomes so blurred they are undistinguishable.
Where Hope Springs does work is in reminding us that life isn't about instant self-gratification.
The success or failure of democratic government depends on the degree to which an accurate apprehension of reality and of human possibility and its limits exists in the public mind, and modern advertising for the past hundred years has done its damndest to subvert reality and replace it with a carefully fabricated illusion that denies any limit to achievement in the political sphere and to self-gratification in the personal one.
Life has become cheap and has lost its dignity and sanctity in a culture that glorifies self-gratification.
Topics over the first few days included members of the audience revealing how they adopt kinky scenes from bestseller "Fifty Shades of Grey" into their own sex lives, Frankel and guest Holly Robinson Peete visiting a sex shop, and a female sex therapist discussing the issue of self-gratification.
Further, reports of self-gratification as a benefit of Black community involvement, like those of three participants who shared, "It makes me feel good.
By rebuilding Christian morality in the area of sexuality in the way Robinson suggests, we will achieve a teaching that can better challenge the message about sexuality trumpeted by the dominant culture in television, music and advertising, a sexuality that idolizes self-gratification and that puts "me" before "you.
Pierce briefly details his first encounter with voyeurism, when a high school wrestling teammate discovered him in a delicate moment of self-gratification, and then insisted he continue while the teammate watched.