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willing to deprive yourself

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The true spirit of Christianity is about self-giving and love.
In a healthy church community, might we model what it means to participate in the mutual, self-giving love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
While that interpretation is appropriate to Mark and Paul, the Fourth Gospel associates the cross more intimately with love, enabling us to see self-giving commitment to the good, despite the cost, as "the 'stuff' of love" itself (213).
The Lord's desire for the covenant and self-abandonment, self-giving, and death on the cross are not isolated facts: they aim to imbue the memory of the faithful with the Eucharistic gift at the Last Supper.
It also establishes self-giving as a primary feature of God's identity.
Our Northern saints - Aidan, Wilfrid, Cuthbert - are known for their toughness, simplicity and self-giving.
Forde and many other theologians who have worked on Luther's 'theology of the cross" and who tend to look at all things through suffering and the cross, Brame displaces traditional theologies of the cross--namely, atonement, compensation, expiation, punishment, payment and ransom--by her own approach, which emphasizes grace, God's unconditional love for all humanity, and God's self-giving in Christ.
Despite its excesses it lifts the lid on human nature in all its complexities; its baseness and brutality, its selfishness, but also its charitable self-giving.
Jesus' cross empowers the agapaic, self-giving behavior that alone is able to answer the age-old, ethical question that confronts us all: "How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses to help?
While the Archbishop expressed reservations about allowing the state undue control over our bodies, he went out of his way to describe organ donation as "the most generous act of self-giving imaginable".
Calling for more effort to be made to raise the profile of organ donation he told the Governing Body of the Church in Wales meeting at Lampeter: "Giving organs is the most generous act of self-giving imaginable, but it has to be a choice that is freely embraced, not something the State assumes.
It involves subjugating personal interests to the greater good of others through self-giving and mentoring, developing and promoting those who work for us.
St John 3,16 SOME experiences have the power to purify - a gift of unanticipated dimensions; an act of noble self-giving, the evidence of someone's affection for you - and these, no surprisingly, are all to be found in the gospel.
From the beginning, the church has found the poem in Isaiah 53 to be a clue to interpreting the self-giving of Jesus.
Two objections to Wojtyla/John Paul II's account are also addressed: (1) the idea that finding fulfillment (moral goodness) through self-giving is incompatible with altruism and (2) that reciprocal self-giving is incompatible with altruism.