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Synonyms for self-generated

happening or arising without apparent external cause


originating from the self

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About 46 per cent of the GRCA's revenues - about $14 million - will come from self-generated revenues such as camping fees, park admissions, hydro generation, donations, property rental and other sources.
They are self-generated leads, they are not ones we have hunted down.
Shelton's portrait of Ingres' alternating public personas--one as an affiliate of the Academy and the other as a self-generated creative genius--provides a new context in which to consider the formal qualities of Ingres' work, which itself vacillates between academic banality and modernist experimentation.
And a craft that is powered by self-generated wind.
The mill is connected to the national power grid in case of emergencies, though purchased power is much more expensive than self-generated power.
And no amount of self-generated publicity is going to change that
Web engine/directory, Bilal (2000, 2001,2002a) explored these young peoples' affective, cognitive, and physical behaviors in performing three tasks: one fact-based (Bilal, 2000), one research-based (Bilal, 2001), and one fully self-generated (Bilal, 2002a).
The new sander is available in three models, Model 58599 is a non-vacuum tool that uses a 74mm X 109mm pad; Model 58504 uses 80mm X 130mm pads and is self-generated and vac-ready; Model 585505 is a central-vacuum-ready tool that includes a 80mm X 130mm vacuum pad.
According to Nextek, the Digital Power Gateway is an energy router that allows commercial buildings with distributed power sources to maximize their self-generated power use before drawing electricity from the grid.
Alternative introductory strategies, such as the use of PEF's self-generated heat in a hurdle fashion with less energy consumption than equivalent thermal treatments, could provide the boost that PEF technology requires to take off.
Data suggest that in schizophrenia, corollary discharge fails to alert the temporal lobes that these thoughts are self-generated, leading to the misattribution of inner speech to external sources and producing the experience of auditory hallucinations, said Dr.
The autonomous, if decidedly 10-fi, objects Fischer crafts are the very antitheses of the spectacular "sets" Barney creates to further his self-generated mythology.
The program encouraged young people at the university and high school level to start thinking like entrepreneurs with their own self-generated opportunities and eventually graduate straight into their own startup companies.
THERE HAS BEEN some controversy surrounding ``Max'' - you get the feeling some of it has been self-generated - and its portrayal of Adolf Hitler as a struggling artist in his pre-fuhrer days.
In addition to passive monitoring of network traffic, the software actively monitors network activity via self-generated synthetic transactions.