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fertilized by its own pollen

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KEY WORDS: southern bay scallop, Argopecten irradians concentricus, self-fertilized families, production traits, inbreeding depression
We could not compare total egg production over the whole trial because (a) many individuals switched development modes, and the two types of clutches differ 10-fold in egg number (Krug, 1998); and (b) individuals differed widely in how many self-fertilized versus unfertilized clutches they produced.
Differential gene expression between cross-fertilized and self-fertilized kernels during the early stages of seed development in maize.
The segregation rate of the three seed colors in LBGMF lines was determined by counting the percentage of white and blue seeds in all seeds from 20 self-fertilized plants sampled from the plot, then counting the percentage of self-fertile plants that were homozygous for deep blue grains in all blue grain plants of the LBGMF plot, and finally calculating the segregation rate of the three seed colors in self-fertile LBGMF lines.
Competition for limited resources, early inbreeding depression, and/or nonrandom distribution of resources can lead to outcrossed fruits being provisioned more richly than self-fertilized fruits (Bushnell 1920, Haber 1928, Urata 1954, Kambal 1969, Stephenson 1981).
The most general selective disadvantage of self-fertilization is that it is often accompanied by inbreeding depression ([Delta]), that is the reduction of fitness in self-fertilized progeny relative to outcrossed progeny.
Instead, impatiens undergo cleistogamy - hidden fertilization - whereby flower buds that never open are self-fertilized internally, eventually forming seed capsules that, at the slightest touch, explode.
Self-fertilized offspring of homozygous aim or imc adults are 100% mutant.
1] plants from the cross X90116/X90124 were self-fertilized in the greenhouse to obtain the [F.
sugar cane, bananas) incur greater economic losses from pathogen damage than do self-fertilized crops, which in turn incur more losses than outcrossing crops (Stevens 1948, Adams et al.
The researchers self-fertilized some of these offspring to create a second generation of hybrids.
vulgaris events PHV119 and PHV122 were self-fertilized, and the resulting seeds were germinated in 5-[dm.
Mating may be by either selfing or outcrossing; in a given run, a constant proportion, r, of the gametes contributed by the parental generation are involved in a self-fertilized mating.
Several studies show that weight difference between cross-fertilized and self-fertilized kernels are greatest during the early stages of kernel development.