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Lead author Swami said that the findings suggest that greater breast size dissatisfaction is significantly associated with less frequent breast self-examination, lower confidence in detecting breast change and greater delay in seeing a doctor following breast change.
The app is conceptualised to reach out to everyone and serves as a constant reminder on early detection and self-examination," Dr Mookambika told Gulf News .
Laghari, pointed out increased awareness of breast cancer, early detection through monthly self-examination, regular mammography tests and treatment advances means that more and more women are surviving.
The safety inspection in two phases, July 20 to September 30 for the corporate self-examination stage, October 10 to November 15 the headquarters inspection phase.
The practice of breast self-examination may have great value in terms of awareness and motivating women to see a health care provider when they find a lump.
This is why we are handing out monthly self-examination calendars to women so that they can do their part in detecting any early symptoms," she said.
Circuelle also offers a Guide to Breast Self-Examination and tips to reduce the risk of breast cancer on its Web site.
Pink Caravan medical teams visited Al Amal School to guide around 34 students and staff members through the importance of breast cancer awareness, including regular self-examination.
ABU DHABI: The largest gathering of women to conduct a simultaneous self-examination for breast cancer is hoping to set a world record in Abu Dhabi this month.
VPS Healthcare, an integrated healthcare provider with a chain of hospitals and network of clinics, has invited women in UAE to take part in a Guinness World Records attempt for the 'Largest Simultaneous Self-Examination for Breast cancer' on October 15 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Self-examination will give a chance to see your own self from various angles and analyze it.
A MILLION STEPS tells of the author's 490-mile walking trip on the historic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain, and is a pick for any who like accounts of true adventure and self-examination.
From the age of 20 women should do self-examination five days after their periods every month, and every three years whether or not you find anything abnormal, you should still go and see a doctor.
There will also be contests and a demonstration of self-examination with the help of specialized doctors.