self-evident truth

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an assumption that is basic to an argument

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Occasionally, he offers examples of this set intended to illustrate their self-evident truth, for example, "harming others is wrong.
Not everyone agrees that swapping the period for a comma proves the Framers saw government's role in protecting rights as a self-evident truth.
In fact, when I realized it I felt quite simple because it actually is a fairly self-evident truth.
That sounds like a self-evident truth to many today, but in the heyday of liberalism, it seemed unpatriotic.
This self-evident truth has now been proven by scientists who published their findings in the journal BMC Psychology.
That is as it should be" Labour MP Tom Harris "Age should be no barrier to having adventures provided you are careful and don't try and run up and down Everest, or try and swim the Channel every afternoon" TV globetrotter Michael Palin, 70, pictured "I have long despaired of the downward spiral of Labour's rhetoric on immigration" Labour MP Diane Abbott, who has been fired from her post of frontbench public health spokesman in Parliament "An immigrant is just someone who used to be somewhere else" Comedian Russell Brand states a self-evident truth "Just because I am critical of the Coalition doesn't mean I am anti-English.
He also said it is a self-evident truth that knowledge has to be an inclusive process, where barriers to learning are systematically dismantled.
Though it was appropriated throughout the eighteenth century as a means to create uniform communities built from self-evident truth, the popularity and utility of common sense led to its appropriation by opponents of these very same imagined communities.
The continued avoidance of this self-evident truth not only plays a role in our dwindling population, but reflects in a most shameful way on our nation.
We unite", declared Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National party, "behind a declaration of self-evident truth.
But according to the letter, those of us who fail to recognize this self-evident truth about our dear leader do so not because of sober reflection on his ruinous policies, but because our eyes have been closed by "ideology and racism.
So the self-evident truth separating the two parties is sometimes overlooked.
It thereby refuses to stop at a formulation of a claim that exempts it from testing by presenting it as beyond question (as a self-evident truth, unmediated word of an authority, universal, necessary or without alternatives).
As the Obama elite throws away the crown of God-ordained self-evident truth, others are here to lift it up again--to struggle for the natural fights of humanity--in the womb, in the family and in the whole world of God's creation.
With this issue of Multinational Monitor, we aim to do something more than assert this self-evident truth.