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shame resulting from strong dislike of yourself or your actions


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Procrastination not only affects a person's work, but also commonly invokes feelings such as guilt, inadequacy, self-disgust, stress and depression.
The self-disgust rises like dust and you don't like your cowardice because you have just dressed it up as expediency.
Welch's spiritual meditations can be serene or optimistically ecstatic, but despair and self-disgust are never far off.
As Iris escapes only to return to Rodney's sometimes loving arms, she is filled with self-disgust, so beaten down that she says to herself: "I am nothing.
Self-disgust predicts less punishment of severe transgressions.
Hearts, we discover in chunks of stilted dialogue, have been broken and bruised and, to open the play, Jenny Seagrove's Adela Shelley explains to her philandering guest Guy (the excellent Jason Durr) that she has an enduring devotion to her late husband, in spite of a fling in Venice (where she gave her all on a one-night stand, and incurred self-disgust as a result of her generosity
Flopping restlessly into chairs and leaping up to grab another swift drink, he ricochets about the furniture, physically fuelled by self-disgust.
In a sense, Prevallet acknowledges and grieves the disgusting self-disgust that is of the present, so that that self might be lost, in advance, in a kind of futural motion.
One text, however, describes a late-night, alcohol-fueled conversation between Kramer and his editor that documents the self-disgust that accompanied his work in scenes of carnage.
Up to now, their relationship has been mostly one of an active (Rita) and reactive (Frank) nature, but Carr dramatically underlines Frank's simmering self-disgust here by angrily ripping his dormant manuscript to shreds and accusing Rita of a total lack of comprehension.
Many other subplots surface during this complex tale: Sorweel's despair at his father's death and his self-disgust at succumbing even a little to Kellhus' charisma and power; Psatma Nannaferi's determination to elevate the worship of Yatwer her Goddess as the White-Luck rises to challenge Kellhus; the uneasy relationship between Achamian and the Skin Eaters he has hired to take him to the Coffers--a journey he takes to find a way to defeat Kellhus.
The success of Nathan's metaphorical identification of David with the rich man in the story is seen in David's self-disgust.
One of these men leaves to engage in a sordid tryst in a bathroom; perhaps surprisingly, this turns out to be the Duke Vincentio (Simon Philips), whose growing self-disgust and obvious inability to control his regiment at least partially explains his transfer of power to the more continent Angelo (Daniel Roberts; see Figure 1).
Am still depressed and filled with self-disgust and doubts and remorse for destroying my wife and most of my children and for being so hateful to and being hated by so many people.
Some were forced by the courts to go into drug treatment programs but the majority simply got to a point of self-disgust that made them determined to change.