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discovering your own individuality

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A Professional's Guide to Promoting Self-discovery in Youth: A Creative-Based Curriculum" is comprised of forty lessons that guide students through an exploration of the four domains of the self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
Written in verse and containing descriptions of the songs that guide Blade in his journey, this book is as much about the power of music as it is about family and self-discovery.
The Name I Call Myself is a fun novel of self-discovery, romance, and the search for happiness.
Snow says his character exemplifies self-discovery and "just wants to dance.
of Denver) and Wanberg (Center for Addictions Research and Evaluation) provide a workbook for individuals who have both criminal and substance abuse problems who are taking part in the Pathways to Self-Discovery and Change program, meant to help them learn how people and situations affect them, how to take control over their thoughts and feelings, and how to change and adjust their actions.
Self-Discovery contains a story by Marjane Satrapi told in b/w graphic novel format about a confused ten-year-old girl in Iran who wants to be a prophet.
However, it's a chance encounter with a quirky young woman which fuels Andrew's voyage of self-discovery and finally looks set to offer him peace of mind.
NORTHERN IRELAND are on a voyage of self-discovery, says manager Lawrie Sanchez, as they attempt to end a hoodoo that has lasted nearly 20 years.
Best is Amelia, which transforms the mystery of missing airwoman Amelia Earhart into a parable of feminism and romantic self-discovery.
In this story of self-discovery, Winnie comes to grips with her own jealousy, competitiveness, and faithfulness.
The debut novel of author Dan Gilmore, "A Howl For Mayflower" is a deftly woven novel laced with dark humor, memorable characters, and a descriptively painful honesty as it lays out an unexpected journey of love and self-discovery.
Throughout the course of eight solo albums, Amos has intimately explored topics both tragic (rape, religious hypocrisy, miscarriages) and triumphant (survival, self-discovery, sexual empowerment), often using a cryptic lyrical code that can be frustratingly difficult to crack--"Wrap yourself around the tree of life and the dance of the infinity of the hive," anyone?
Throughout the year, they will be learning about science and the world around them through lots of hands-on and self-discovery experiences.
Colorado Governor Bill Owens' funding cuts forced the closure of Robinson's Project Self-Discovery, an innovative program that introduced area gang members to the arts.
It is a journey of self-discovery and maturation for them as they move toward a final and unexpected resolution.