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(of persons) free from external control and constraint in e

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Over the years, the SEC has published investor alerts stating that self-directed IRA custodians do "not evaluate the quality or legitimacy of an investment and its promoters," and that custodians are "responsible only for holding and administering the assets.
Sites like YouTube, Skillfeed, Instructables, Makezine and DIY Network, and hundreds more, are taking advantage of a grassroots-type movement happening across the world: the movement toward self-directed learning.
Mr Matheson said: The Self-directed Support Act is about empowering people to be able to take control of their own lives.
She explains what a writing workshop is, its key elements, misconceptions about self-directed learning, the qualities of self-directed learners, and the benefits of this learning, then describes how to create a physical environment conducive to self-directed writing; create rituals and routines that keep the goal of self-directed learners at the forefront; scaffold instruction so all students can be successful; plan a yearlong curriculum and units of study with a focus on self-direction; craft lessons, conferences, and small-group work; and share sessions that teach new content and guide self-direction.
Four key components of self-directed support include participant control, participant responsibility, participant choice, and avoidance of conflict of interest (Cook et al.
The Boston-based research firm found that more women are also opening self-directed accounts.
Yvonne Stewart, Development Manager Self-Directed Support, Alzheimer Scotland
The self-directed IRA offers an almost infinite set of investment options, and as the owner, you determine where and how your money is invested.
Self-directed learning has been defined as a process in which learners take the initiative in planning, implementing, and evaluating their own learning needs and outcomes, with or without the help of others (Knowles, 1975).
A self-directed IRA is simply an account in which the custodian agrees to allow the taxpayer to exercise greater control over investment decisions.
Chock-full of many creative options for managing your own self-directed IRA, this book is the perfect primer for those looking to venture out of cookie-cutter IRA products.
Any property that will be used for business can be considered a commercial property, and its purchase can be treated like any other real estate transaction as far as a self-directed IRA is concerned.
In other words, each individual needs to function as a self-directed learner to meet the demands of the rapidly changing workplace.
The Self-Directed Search: Career Explorer was used with 98 (95% African American) high-risk middle school students as part of 14 structured career groups based on Cognitive Information Processing theory.
Self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts have been around since the mid-1980s, but are growing in popularity as fears of dwindling Social Security checks and modest stock market returns prompt people to start looking elsewhere to grow their retirement portfolio.