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Synonyms for self-determination

Synonyms for self-determination

the capacity to manage one's own affairs, make one's own judgments, and provide for oneself

Synonyms for self-determination

government of a political unit by its own people

determination of one's own fate or course of action without compulsion

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In an address, Hiltz said he hoped the canon would be changed in 2019 to further the development envisaged in the Covenant of 1994, when Anglican Indigenous leaders agreed to work toward a self-determining church.
Objective" freedom on this view would thus be the real embodiment of freedom (not just the "possibility" of freedom's being actualized); as such it would be a holistic property belonging not to individuals themselves but to a system of institutions that as a whole is self-determining.
To be a self-determining individual, she argues, is to be conceived as a human, a person deserving the rights accorded to all persons equally under human rights law and practice.
Though Winfield does not, I use scare quotations around "givers," for "givers" are things that a respectable self-determining philosopher wants to overcome dialectically.
By turning her back on those who cannot hear her subjugated knowledge speak, she creates by her own gaze an alternative space where she is both self-defining and self-determining.
For all but a very small traction of the population, there is some interest and ability to be self-determining, it is more a matter of degree.
There are three decision rules that can be used to determine the appropriate manner of recovery in an accident between a tort elector and a no-fault elector: (1) tort favoring, in which both parties have unrestricted tort rights; (2) no-fault favoring, in which both parties have restricted tort rights; and (3) self-determining, in which the tort elector has unrestricted tort rights and the no-fault elector has restricted tort rights.
As part of the transitional housing program, KITH provides case management services to the families to help them obtain the skills they need to become self-determining.
The changes to church law needed to create a self-determining spiritual community for Indigenous Canadian Anglicans could conceivably be made as early as 2019, says Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.
For self-consciousness to be actual, the fabric of events must accommodate the presence of selves that are self-determining.
Arian concluded that while Fayyad "might be doing his best to establish a viable self-determining Palestinian state," it seems as if the peace process will once again remain in limbo, and will be delayed for another four or five years.
Founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1969, The East organization was begun as "a self-determining cultural and educational organization for African and African-descended people.
Saudi Arabia has said it will not normalize ties with Israel until the latter withdraws to pre-1967 borders, freezes settlements, and establishes a free and self-determining Palestinian state, AL AHRAM reported Monday.
I'm seeking for us to be self-determining, rather than having DONE dictate to us,'' said Launa Prince, who was a member of the interim neighborhood council before the February election.
Hegel says that the way to have such a will and life is to think through, to rationally purify and systematize, the raw material of one's drives, and that when one recognizes this activity at work, one will see the drives themselves as part of a radically self-determining (because "thoughtful") process.