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do away with oneself or itself


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After this you can send the message which will self-destruct after the time you specified is up.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-22 October 2008-BigString releases self-destruct SMS application for Blackberry smartphones(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
BigString Corp's new service enables users to send instant messages (IMs) that self-destruct after being sent, preventing them from being stored or archived to a server.
Even so, its mechanical quality may already be suitable for sutures and fishing line that self-destructs if left behind in the water, he says.
Though nicely acted and engaging in the most undemanding of ways, the movie finally self-destructs with an intended triumphal climax that plays more like farce, undercutting whatever small dramatic momentum it has managed to build up until then.
The sphere acts as if it were made of a stretchy though delicate material that readily passes through itself but self-destructs if punctured or sharply pinched.
In addition to enabling users to send IMs from one service to another, the patent-pending IM technology leaves no trail or copy of the IM on any server once the message self-destructs.
As sad as it is to watch someone endowed with beauty, talent and intelligence go down in flames, there is also something darkly reassuring in the drama of a golden being who willfully self-destructs.
Developed under the auspices of the GPS JPO, this device self-destructs if tampered with, which provides the necessary security for the P(4) code-decoding algorithm it contains.