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dangerous to yourself or your interests


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Yet even poor teams do not perform as self-destructively every week as Everton did against Ipswich.
Chaudhuri could never forgive the British, whose rule was "the greatest and most beneficial economic and political phenomenon the world has ever known" for self-destructively inciting hatred among their subjects.
Also, it seems odd to criticize the film for portraying villains that Firmin so deliberately and self-destructively sought out and antagonized.
Today, a multitude of young and old still self-destructively insist on challenging the fates as they inhale deeply.
It's even hard for me to get emotional about the death of one of my generation's most talented and interesting artists, because, like Kurt Cobain before him, Tupac lived so self-destructively and died so stupidly.
For instance, multiple personality patients feel as if they inhabit separate selves, often act impulsively and self-destructively, and cannot form stable relationships; drug abusers reort entering a separate drug or alcohol identify, undergo extreme mood shifts, and maintain a suspicious, withdrawn stance toward others; and bulimic women report distorted body images, binge-eat and purge, and avoid sexual relations.
Intriguingly, however, it seems possible that his pent-up wrath, which erupted so self-destructively as Ireland tried to get ready for the World Cup, was exacerbated because he was trying not to drink.
The girl rebels quite seriously; and, we fear, self-destructively.
Steeped in the breath of ale and cigarettes, in the boozy and sometimes self-destructively proud nature of working class male friendships, it's a film for men of a certain age, one to catch them chokingly offguard as thoughts of time being called rush in unbidden, but its tears and tenderness should catch the heart of everyone who sees it.
We will have to stop speaking to ourselves as we have done too often in the last 10 years - self-indulgently and self-destructively.
Six years ago, for his second outing as director, Sean Penn teamed with Jack Nicholson to make The Crossing Guard, the story of a man self-destructively obsessed at avenging the death of his daughter at the hands of a drunken driver.
There's never a satisfactory explanation for why each of these apparently shrewd guys is so bent on self-destructively messing with the other over a comparatively picayune matter.
He said: 'We will have to stop speaking to ourselves as we have done too often in the last ten years - self indulgently and self-destructively.