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do away with oneself or itself


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The Binghams just self-destructed in Louisville, didn't they?
This will guide and prevent luxury marketers, who are flying blind on critical branding decisions, from crashing and burning in the same way that several brands that were once the pinnacle of luxury have self-destructed or have had to be revived from failed "mass market" escapades.
Alternatively, he noted, the tiny galaxies may have simply faded from view or even self-destructed as the universe grew older.
Lake Placid," starring Bridget Fonda and Bill Pullman, and the Will Smith-starrer "Wild Wild West" win the award titled "Parodies That Self-Destructed.
The Rebels could not respond as well when presented with adversity and self-destructed.
I totally self-destructed with drugs," she recalls.
They're looking to avenge a discouraging loss at Washington two months ago in which they self-destructed in the final minute.
The issue was magnified because the Clippers' offense self-destructed after Robinson left the game.
Results: Her team had so much talent, it could have easily self-destructed under the weight of the egos had Rundle not guided it with a firm hand.
The defense, meanwhile, held New England to three plays and out on its first two series of the half and the Patriots self-destructed - they had six penalties for 74 yards in the third quarter alone.
After Quartz Hill (6-2, 2-1) had self-destructed down the stretch in losing the first game, the Rebels came out sizzling for game two despite being without star senior outside hitter Darren Haub, who injured his hand in a biology class accident Tuesday.
But Russell's counterpart, Angels manager Terry Collins, derived considerably less satisfaction from spring training, as his pitchers self-destructed and his losses heaped high.