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do away with oneself or itself


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Self-destruct commands are installed in the system of UAVs in an attempt to prevent enemies from seizing the vehicles in the event of a loss of control.
MUCH has been written this week about Paul Gascoigne, the terrible demons which haunt him and the obvious self-destruct comparisons with the life of George Best.
The Clinton Administration made small steps in the direction of banning land mines but insisted it must continue using "dumb mines" (which do not self-destruct after a period of time) until the year 2006, safely beyond Clinton's Presidency.
This is regeneration, after all--a version of Extreme Makeover in which people not only self-destruct but can be rebuilt, like the figure in Boy who lies on a table receiving a new head, or the one in Twin Parts, who stockpiles alternate body parts.
If they fail to hit their target, they will self-destruct out of harm's way.
A must see before they either make it big or self-destruct.
military began actively seeking self-destruct solutions for its fuzing in 1987.
Once inside the cell, the resistance enzyme catalyzes the release and activation of the toxin causing the cell to self-destruct.
By the early '70s, worn out by a flamboyant, peripatetic lifestyle, he began to self-destruct.
But this is a very winnable game against a Saints side in no sort of form and prone to self-destruct at the back at any moment.
Sitcom episodes will air a single time and then self-destruct.
Mark's choices today are to accept the risk that his policies may self-destruct, to start right away to pay higher annual premiums and thus reduce the actuarial risk, or to try to exchange his universal contracts for some type of whole-life insurance.
All users can instantly self-destruct their messages or set their messages to self-destruct at a predetermined time.
DSTRUX, which launched in April 2014, empowers consumers and brands alike with a means to share their stuff, a picture, document or file, in a manner that at any time can be commanded to self-destruct.