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the act of defending yourself

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nor show any interest and expectation for them any longer and it would have no other option but to keep and increase its nuclear deterrent force as a just self-defensive means to repel the U.
It is highly unacceptable that the UNSC condemns our self-defensive rocket tests.
The UN Security Council, shutting its eyes to the US madcap nuclear exercises, 'denounced' (our) self-defensive rocket launching drills to cope with them as a 'violation of resolutions'.
North Korean ambassador to the United Nations, Ri Tong-Li had said that Pyongyang was ready with measures to demonstrate the power of the self-defensive nuclear deterrent.
Unlike most feminists, I have long been a supporter of the death penalty for any type of killing but the most self-defensive kind, for the simple fact that the more womanmurdering scum are forced to meet their maker, the better.
The martial arts are self-defensive skills comprising an admixture of traditional Karate, Kong Fu, Olympic games, free and Roman wrestling, Judo, Taekwondo and Boxing.
He notes that the Qur'an advocates self-defensive war but not beginning hostilities.
Are there self-defensive strategies that we can teach them?
Mike Penning, Minister of Shipping for the Department of Transport in the UK, said the adoption of more self-defensive measures by private shipping companies to fend off pirate attacks is certainly helping to stem the onslaught of marauding pirates.
The North Korean supreme command, however, defended the shelling in Thursday's report, saying, ''It was a legitimate self-defensive step against the provocateurs who dared to make a clumsy fire on the inviolable territorial waters of the DPRK despite its army's advance warning.
Belfast) explores the state of international law regarding self-defensive preemptions by states in the wake of war or blatant abuse of it by the US in invading and occupying an Iraq that posed no possible threat.
The explanation of this self-defensive attitude is that the critical analysis of the historical myths might jeopardize the basis of some current national representations.
French Ambassador to the UN Gerard Araud on June 30 told reporters: "We decided to provide self-defensive weapons to the civilian populations because we consider that these populations were under threat.
If the planned drills go ahead, "second and third self-defensive blows that cannot be predicted will be dealt," North Korea said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.
Others cover the relationship between children's TV viewing and their spatial representational abilities, psychological empowerment of teachers and competencies of mental health education teachers in China, psychological quality, self-defensive attributions in industrial workers' occupation accidents, and the influence of working memory on cognitive load in multimedia learning.