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the act of defending yourself

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Being promoted consists of proper focus, respect, self-discipline, confidence, and execution of martial arts basics like blocks, kicks, and self-defence techniques.
The legal dimensions of the multinational force assembled for the 1990-91 war on Iraq resonated for Mori with constitutional debates in Japan at the time about self-defense and collective security, so he began investigating the notion of self-defence in international law.
There are two clear exceptions to the international prohibition on the use of armed force between States: the use of force authorised by the UN Security Council, and the use of force within the right to self-defence.
LAHORE -- Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) has suggested to institute self-defense courses for girls at senior school and college levels with the aim to groom their capacity for self-defence in harrassment situations.
We had a chat with self-defence instructor Marco Grunert for safety tips.
Michael Fallon welcomes Japanese announcement on collective self-defence.
The police also encourage women across the country to learn self-defence techniques.
A SUMMER martial arts camp will help youngsters learn self-defence skills.
But what really made me smile was an offer for self-defence classes.
Defence Lab (DL) is a new form of self-defence classes for children and adults that not only gives students a thorough grounding in the mechanics of self-defence that can be applied in real-life situations, but also provides proven management methods that help individuals to prevent confrontation and diffuse conflict.
He concludes: "Once counter-force of whatever scale is employed by military units of whatever size--in response to an armed attack by another State--that is a manifestation of national self-defence, and the legitimacy of the action is determined by Article 51 as well as by customary international law.
37) The ICJ recognized that "states sometimes signal that they possess certain weapons to use in self-defence against any state violating their territorial integrity or political independence.
ISLAMABAD, August 26, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Government of Japan dispatched a Japan Disaster Relief Team to operate six helicopters of the Self-Defence Forces (SDF) - CH-47 and UH-1 - to conduct rescue and transport activities.
Dubai: For the first time, a self-defence programme tailored for girls will be implemented throughout Dubai's public schools for female pupils aiming to enhance self-confidence and personal safety.
The Handbook entitled The Ultimate Self-Defence is written by Zen-Do Bahrain founding director Suhail G Al Gosaibi.