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acting to defeat its own purpose

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Critics also contend that the mandatory and pre-emptive nature of the SEC proposals represents an inappropriate realignment of corporate governance from the state to the federal level and would self-defeatingly undermine shareholder choice by denying shareholders the ability to opt out of the access regime in this form regardless of whether a majority of shareholders believe it is in the company's best interests.
But he could not make of that foresight the basis for any kind of resistance or opposition, nor has it been incorporated into any line of analysis--apart from that which has confined itself, self-defeatingly, to the issue of Afrikaans.
It sounds rigorous and scholarly, but it is self-defeatingly narrow.
Almost self-defeatingly, Grotz then goes on to explain the techniques for faking antiques.
As Picard grows increasingly, self-defeatingly obsessive about the enemy, Stewart's Shakespearean training really comes into play.