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criticism of yourself

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If we had a lexicographer and linguist of the authority of Giorgos Bambiniotis living in Cyprus, he would have included another meaning to the word "masochism", namely a negative reaction towards self-criticism.
At the outset, the first step for SC to develop is a balanced mental state originated in mindfulness, which allows for a more universal understanding of suffering, and for the emergence of self-kindness; moreover, this mental state reduces self-criticism and increases self-understanding.
Ecelik also mentioned the lack of self-criticism present among Muslim countries' rulers, asking, "Are we not to engage in self criticism even when a majority of the Muslim population is governed by dictatorial regimes?
We were interested in self-criticism from another angle.
No doubt, installing a new leader, helps cement the country but we need a sense of self-criticism in the interest of the fatherland as a whole, he said.
Perfectionism and eating psychopathology among dancers: the role of high standards and self-criticism.
Father Richard Rohr points out that scripture has a lot of self-criticism.
ABSTRACT Self-criticism is considered as a harsh or punitive evaluation of the self.
That self-examination, or self-criticism as Marxists have it, is not aimed at settling past scores with players who have either died or faded into oblivion.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't go in for self-criticism, but doubt brings in question the very foundation of football, which is cooperation.
No dialogue between the religions without self-criticism.
Sharing how you feel with others who feel the same way in a safe and caring environment in your Slimming World group can help you learn to manage negative emotions like shame and self-criticism.
One of Barcelona's strengths is that we are very good at self-criticism.
He added that the period review offered Jordan an opportunity to asses human rights status based on self-criticism and in collaboration with all partners.