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tending to keep one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

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6 million women in the population cohort, 31% had received the quadrivalent HPV vaccine, and 4,375 women had VTE, 20% of whom had been vaccinated and served as the self-controlled cases.
Caption: This was a self-controlled case series of 1.
In other words, if the ultimately admirable can be encircled, it is also possible to encircle what is good regarding the habits of feeling, action, and reasoning; good logic relates to reasoning, which is self-controlled and which contributes to the ultimately admirably, in the same way as good ethics relates to action, which is self-controlled and which contributes to the ultimately admirable.
The vividly depicted failure of Montcalm's and Munro's European theory of self-controlled warfare, warfare governed by tactical victories and honorable surrenders and withdrawals, occurs because Montcalm's Indian allies, and by implication Indians in general, do not practice or possess the same sort of self-control.
God invites us into a life that is self-controlled, not ruled by ever-shifting inner desires--directionless, senseless, and finally meaningless (a tale told by an idiot .
On his view, occasions for self-controlled or weakly willed actions arise when there is a conflict between the motivational strength of an agent's (resistible) desires and her decisive best judgments regarding the best (or better) courses of action (7).
But how can a self-controlled agent intentionally act contrary to her strongest desires?
Following Aristotle, the self-controlled agent is said to possess sufficient motivation to act in accordance with his better judgment, even when faced with competing motivation.
On this broader view, the self-controlled person becomes one who is practically concerned, that is, who cares about how he acts and possesses the capacity to execute what he cares about.
CHORUS, the first premium closed loop encoder that is fully self-controlled, allows for greater bandwidth capacity and improved video quality.
Participants were classified as impulsive if, in Session 1, they chose the immediate, small reinforcer on at least 70% of trials, or as self-controlled if they chose it on 30% or less.
The alternative that represented self-controlled choice consisted of a delay of 55 s, followed by 25 s of viewing, and then a waiting period of 10 s before the start of the next trial.
ATLANTA -- CHORUS Self-Controlled Premium Encoder Features Built-In Statistical Multiplexer, Provides Increased Bandwidth Efficiency in Closed-Loop Environments
In self-control studies using adult human subjects, responding is typically highly self-controlled (e.