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Synonyms for self-contradictory

seemingly contradictory but nonetheless possibly true

in disagreement

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Is it possible that Ginsberg has never considered that CNN, instead of being shameful, self-contradictory and stupid, is just being respectful of the hundreds of Native American tribes who've been trying to tell the world that the word "redskin" is a racial slur and no different than using slurs to describe a person of Japanese ancestry or an African-American?
One way of approaching this issue is by way of discursive "field" analyses, including examinations of specific institutions that helped structure the literary field in which African American authors worked during the 1920s, institutions offering diverse, sometimes conflicting, and even self-contradictory positions on issues of fundamental import to the re-imagining of the mediation between "American" and "Negro" cultural identity.
The list, split almost evenly between acoustic folk music and hip-hop, at first seems almost self-contradictory, but scratch a little deeper, from Utah Phillips to Kanye West, and you see a pattern of songs that rest on songwriting and intricate language, songs where the writing and the sound of the words themselves is paramount.
Thus the call for a 'mutual state', apparently self-contradictory, is in reality a fundamental political challenge, demanding state provision that is as responsive and personal as that which might be offered by your local community.
This self-contradictory language is confusing and tends to reinforce the misperception that ECWs are not lethal.
It's possible for the Taliban and India to reconcile with each other," Mujahid told the magazine in the interview, which can be described as self-contradictory.
However, Mr Al Tajer yesterday argued that the witness statements were self-contradictory because the case files state the incident happened on November 11, while the witness claimed it happened the following day.
Yet in her divergent and self-contradictory gestures there was (and is) a common denominator.
The statement is of course self-contradictory and implodes upon itself under the slightest bit of critical examination.
The proof of this is that whatever is in its natural position and is light, it will be moved upward because it is light and its natural position is upward but it cannot be said that whatever is light, is in its natural position in actuality because this will contradict what I have just said: it will be "in its natural position" as well as "not in its natural position" at the same time; and that is self-contradictory.
Sir, - In a typically verbose and often self-contradictory column in Post Style today (his last, we sigh thankfully), Dipak Patel, likens the demise of his INK bar concept in Birmingham to the end of a TV drama series, with a terrific cast and fantastic production crew.
Churches should steer a middle course between self-contradictory political activism and world-denying abstract spirituality (103).
Ordinary language usage genuinely and strikingly exhibits tense, and the B-theorist must somehow show that the tensed view of time (A-theory) must be self-contradictory and therefore false (p.
had been reduced to fragmented and perhaps self-contradictory rubble.