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Synonyms for self-confident

Synonyms for self-confident

having a firm belief in one's own powers

Synonyms for self-confident

showing poise and confidence in your own worth


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He is chippy, self-confident, can kick goals and has good tactical acumen.
The judo expert said that she seeks a man who is self-confident, self-assured and has the innate feature to look manly next to her.
Chris Huhne is clever, savvy, self-confident and will certainly reinforce a determination to fight his way back.
The 42-year-old mum-of-two says she feels more self-confident than ever - which is why she was happy to show off her curves in this revealing photoshoot for this month's Closer magazine.
Behind the scenes, the ladies, ambassadors for their countries, were scared deep inside, although they managed to appear self-confident.
By pampering them, I'm making them look and feel better and helping them to be more self-confident.
Morocco, a country of proud and self-confident people, will never go down on its knees, he said.
Unleashing the Power of Parental Love: 4 Steps to Raising Joyful & Self-Confident Kids" is a guide for parents that gives them the most simple and profound advice they can have in raising happy children--the power of letting them know they are loved.
The approach is self-confident, sophisticated and at the same time playful, guided by a lively landscape of art and culture.
THESE self-confident lads (above) were members of the first under-13 football team from St Augustine's Roman Catholic School the year the school opened in 1960/61.
We agree with the SNP that Scotland is smart enough and self-confident enough to go it alone.
Just remember that, even if others look very self-confident, underneath they're probably just as scared as you are.
First Minister Rhodri Morgan, as befits a man who has been the effective leader of the nation for six-and-a-half years, says the development of a more self-confident Wales has become something of a mantra for him.
Moving charismatically from self-confident to pathetically devastated, Bening makes Deirdre a bewitching presence, one you want to love (or somehow make love you) as much as you want to flee from.
The report said: "Pupils are happy, self-confident and mature, and they take full advantage of what the school offers.