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aggressively self-assured

offensively self-assertive


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The survey gleaned measures of academic achievement, self-assertive efficacy, Internet self-efficacy, in-class participation, online class participation, as well as their motivational drives for general classroom participation.
The first is to unmask and reject the illusions of the modern subject as a self-assertive, self-enclosed, center of control.
While many argue it is unfair to blame one man for the ills of an entire industry, Goodwin's self-assertive and dominant management style did not endear him to his senior staff and advisers and his unwillingness to take advice played a part in his downfall.
Bold, irreverent, and self-assertive, that's how Abdulla Ajma, General Manager, Ajmal Perfumes, describe their latest offering, Abia.
The dialectic between a self-assertive, wall-occupying gesture and contextual humility is demonstrated" in part through the historic strategy of anamorphosis (163-64).
Not only was he so determined as a child that he persisted, or so the story goes, in attending church on his father's shoulders, he was likewise so self-assertive, particularly perhaps with women, that he actually beat his school teacher for following him protectively at a distance.
Its leaders have become more self-assertive and it is unlikely that they will surrender the gains they have attained.
Each act features a crisis of identity that culminates in self-assertive statements, such as "I'm no ghost" (10) and "I am the wife of Almighty Voice" (20).
You saw how Chris saved herself and her family by becoming self-assertive just in time to regain her husband and their two children back after shutting herself in her own circle of sorrow and desperation and neglecting her health.
The new logo, which presents the word "kiss" in all upper-case letters, and packaging are intended to portray a woman who is self-assertive, influential, innovative and trend savvy.
The new Chinese leader will likely be more self-assertive in foreign relations, both global and regional.
The sovereignty of other countries is a red line that must be respected especially in Arab Spring countries where a sense of dignity is ripe following popular uprisings and a widespread inclination to be self-assertive.
It is is more self-assertive, emphasizing issues of national dignity and respect.
As to the importance given to the self-assertive and ludic-expectation explanations, there is very little difference in all the groups of the community: students 5.
A senior European official explained that Iran was feeling "again rather self-assertive in terms of we can afford not to move at this stage'" of the talks, mentioning Tehran's doubts about the EU's resolve to implement the sanctions on 1 July.