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aggressively self-assured

offensively self-assertive


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The sovereignty of other countries is a red line that must be respected especially in Arab Spring countries where a sense of dignity is ripe following popular uprisings and a widespread inclination to be self-assertive.
It is is more self-assertive, emphasizing issues of national dignity and respect.
But there's a third explanation, equally true for Jew and non-Jew alike: That far from being the self-assertive world-changers they so desperately want to be, they are in fact the dupes of a powerful consortium of oilrich Arab governments and global bodies that long ago turned human rights activism into a tragic parody.
Little wonder the patient, obedient Japanese people are becoming more defiant and self-assertive.
If the United States sticks to its Cold War mentality and continues to engage with Asian nations in a self-assertive way, it is doomed to incur repulsion in the region," the agency said.
Independent and self-assertive, with lots of physical energy, and never satisfied unless he could be the first to do something, was they way he liked it.
The opening chapters, "Politics, Race, and the Human Sciences" and "Intimations of Immortality and Double Consciousness," center on a Du Boisian problematic: How does one reconcile the demands of an educated, self-assertive black leadership with the spontaneous folk spirit of the black masses?
While being dazzled by Netanyahu's powerful, self-assertive, performance in Washington, we should pay more attention to the underlying fault lines that such a dramatic show reveals.
Even in her more intimate self-assertive moments (Easy Please Me, Movement) the prettiness of KB's melodies is matched by the addictiveness of the beats and the funkiness of the textures.
True, Abbas tried to appear as a confident and self-assertive leader at times.
Buffy is not only self-assertive and superhumanly powerful, but also balances family and career without being a bedsit pin-up or an isolated career woman.
Rumiana Jeleva, the latest scalp of an increasingly self-assertive European Parliament, said that she had withdrawn "with bitterness" as a result of being the target of "untruthful accusations".
And maybe that's why he's honed himself into a fine physical specimen, muscle pumping and impressively fit beneath a red and white adidas vest and training trousers combo, continuing his self-assertive fight.
She was the first woman in senior SVM and WSCF leadership, a feminist pioneer who was never self-assertive.
putting others' feelings and needs ahead of one's own) as well as encouraging self-assertive expressions, among other topics.