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of or relating to or characteristic of self-aggrandizement

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Perhaps they could stop serving councillors meals during meetings; cease printing glossy, self-aggrandising news letters; put an end to the ceaseless traffic calming measures; and do away with any more overblown, outrageously expensive schemes, such as the St George's Square redevelopment.
SINCE the band's debut, Up All Night, was released in 2004, frontman Johnny Borrell has gone from slightly-outspoken singer to seemingly self-aggrandising egomaniac, but where to go now?
This is classic boy fantasy stuff, where you can mould a hero (or villain), complete with catchphrase, self-aggrandising name and implausible back story.
What we DON'T have is a town overrun by rehab clinics, juice bars, spas, or self-aggrandising narcissists.
I trust that NA will continue to embrace a wide range of contributions but exclude any self-aggrandising drivel submitted by "sacrificial do-gooders".
How much will he have to fawn over this gang of self-interested, self-aggrandising general secretaries whose personal interests will always tower above those of Labour voters?
It shows the drawback of a callous, self-aggrandising attitude to this city, painting a facade even worse than it is to create a false impression of a new armageddon.
It is into this toxic mix - which has seen attacks on police and democratic politicians - that this self-aggrandising and self-enriching hatemonger has waded in.
Worse still, the self-aggrandising council, which sees itself at the centre of an expanding metropolis of 500 new homes a year (plus at least two business parks) over the next two decades, still seems hell-bent on expansion for its own sake.
c iuw But let it be their own money instead of self-aggrandising wads of used notes subsidised by low-paid workers and pensioners.
So although we may hate Harden's today, there may be method in its self-aggrandising madness.
IT'S RARE that the bluff, self-aggrandising Sam Allardyce says anything worth listening to, however, he has made some interesting comments about the people who own and run football clubs.
They have been about been about camouflaging the objectionable antics of homosexuals and furthering the careers of a handful of self-aggrandising Tories.
The Welsh assembly is nothing but a group of inactive, over-heated, self-aggrandising, deeply flawed individuals.
The promoters say: "Lyrically, Wretch 22 steers away from clichd self-aggrandising boasting and couplets about fame and girls, and instead paints incisive and colourful vignettes of everyday working class city life from the perspective of a young man born and raised on one of the most notorious estates in London.