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of or relating to or characteristic of self-aggrandizement

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The book, The Third Man, is a self-aggrandising attempt by the former Minister to overstate his role in the not-so great sweep of British political history from 1997 to 2010.
SINCE the band's debut, Up All Night, was released in 2004, frontman Johnny Borrell has gone from slightly-outspoken singer to seemingly self-aggrandising egomaniac, but where to go now?
This is classic boy fantasy stuff, where you can mould a hero (or villain), complete with catchphrase, self-aggrandising name and implausible back story.
What we DON'T have is a town overrun by rehab clinics, juice bars, spas, or self-aggrandising narcissists.
I trust that NA will continue to embrace a wide range of contributions but exclude any self-aggrandising drivel submitted by "sacrificial do-gooders".
How much will he have to fawn over this gang of self-interested, self-aggrandising general secretaries whose personal interests will always tower above those of Labour voters?
It shows the drawback of a callous, self-aggrandising attitude to this city, painting a facade even worse than it is to create a false impression of a new armageddon.
It is into this toxic mix - which has seen attacks on police and democratic politicians - that this self-aggrandising and self-enriching hatemonger has waded in.
Worse still, the self-aggrandising council, which sees itself at the centre of an expanding metropolis of 500 new homes a year (plus at least two business parks) over the next two decades, still seems hell-bent on expansion for its own sake.
But outsiders may find the derivative tunes and heavy-handed self-aggrandising (he sees through "Michael Jackson's eyes" in the N-Dubz-aided So Alive) of this third album grounds for Skepta-cism.
So although we may hate Harden's today, there may be method in its self-aggrandising madness.
IT'S RARE that the bluff, self-aggrandising Sam Allardyce says anything worth listening to, however, he has made some interesting comments about the people who own and run football clubs.
The Welsh assembly is nothing but a group of inactive, over-heated, self-aggrandising, deeply flawed individuals.
The promoters say: "Lyrically, Wretch 22 steers away from clichd self-aggrandising boasting and couplets about fame and girls, and instead paints incisive and colourful vignettes of everyday working class city life from the perspective of a young man born and raised on one of the most notorious estates in London.
The taut, hard-boiled prose offsets content that is generally sordid, self-aggrandising and borderline misogynist.