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designed to activate or move or regulate itself

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The breakthrough formula is paired with innovative packaging that allows fresh preparation of ingredients and optimal synergy of biological components via self-activating vials: Hold the bottle in one hand, and use the other to turn the bottom silver base to the right until the window changes color, and you hear a click.
New CCTV being trialled at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor has self-activating controls for staff.
The end of the tube emerges on the fight front side of the forearm and is covered by a self-activating polymer door.
BARAGEL[R] 3000 self-activating high performance rheological additive; BENTONE[R] NP-10 easy to disperse organoclay and THIXATROL[R] 18 liquid pourable thickener for offset inks, RHEOLATE CVS[TM] color viscosity stabilizers and NUOSPERSE[R] APE and VOC free wetting agents for waterborne inks and coatings.
A small number of reports were coded as incorrect use of the device, problem with self-activating key and overbolusing, error rues sage, and alarm problems.
Small numbers of reports were also coded as incorrect use of the device, problem with self-activating key and overbolusing, error message, and alarm problems.
Using a dynamic model of preference formation, we identify conditions under which the principal-agent model is self-activating in that, over time, the introduction of the model in an otherwise efficient monitor-worker relationship leads to the inefficient adoption of the agency model.
One answer to this problem is a self-activating radio receiver that emits a loud alarm when a storm warning is issued.
Lightweight and self-activating, these Bar Pull systems position bar stock within 0.
Self-activating fixtures simplify the process for everyone.
StriComplete offers the strong claims (of Botox-type products), but goes further with a self-activating technology that crackles and fizzes, while instantly cooling the skin and signaling the patented technology is working," said David Pollock, president, Clinical Results.
It contains products such as Lifebuoy self-activating smoke signals, line-throwing appliances, liferafts, magnetic compasses, echo-sounding equipment and rate-of- turn indicators.
This suggests that worrying about the lack of a strong center may not matter, as emergent self-activating and self-organizing people may find equally valid ways to knit themselves together.
Odor Eaters are self-activating enzymes that are embedded in the carpet fiber.