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a toxic nonmetallic element related to sulfur and tellurium

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Via its incorporation into more than two dozen selenoproteins throughout the body, (2,3) selenium provides potent defense against cancer-causing DNA damage, (4,5) facilitates removal of dangerous toxins from the body, (6) supports optimal thyroid function, maintains immune system activity, (3,8,9) and much more.
The selenium content of the Brazil nuts used in this study was analyzed by flame atomic absorption spectrometry, but according to other sources, the selenium content of Brazil nuts is much lower (50-80 [micro]g per nut).
0 [micro]g/100 kilocalories as the maximum level of selenium in infant formula.
What to do: Don't take more than the RDA (55 meg) of selenium in your multivitamin or a separate supplement.
Brazil nuts are one of the best natural sources of selenium, but other foods rich in the mineral include shellfish, red meat, offal, egg yolk and Canadian flour.
For her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Adelaide, Melanie Ceko investigated the role and location of selenium in the ovary, and a specific protein that includes selenium.
1984), between 4% and 9% of the total of Se in sheep can be found in the liver and it tends to have the highest selenium concentration among all tissues.
The overall ophthalmic outcome at the 6-month evaluation was significantly better in the selenium group than in the placebo group (P = .
Selenium has become a contaminant of potential concern in North America, Australia, and New Zealand, and perhaps elsewhere, because of pollution by mining, power generation, and other business activities.
Given these controversial results the authors investigated the relationship between baseline plasma selenium concentration and occurrence of dysglycemia (impaired fasting glucose or type 2 diabetes) in an elderly French cohort.
Daily updated news on Selenium and other minerals can be reached at
Assessments included detailed medical history, digital rectal examination, filling of International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) to assess LUTS, urine analysis, uroflowmetry assessment, kidney and bladder ultrasound and blood laboratory analysis including basic biochemical and haematological parameters, PSA and plasma selenium.
While daily selenium recommendations from the United States and World Health Organization vary between 30 and 55 micrograms per day for adults, the authors note, companies that sell the supplements claim that higher doses have a range of health benefits, including cancer prevention.
Alltech is proud to share the news that Shaken Udder, producer of consumer dairy products, launched two new selenium enriched milkshakes, during the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, United Kingdom, on the 25th July 2012.