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Synonyms for selector

a person who chooses or selects out

a switch that is used to select among alternatives

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Impact Selector provides the global oil and gas industry with proprietary technology and tools that significantly improve operating efficiencies and greatly reduce major, costly operating risks.
The bad news is that the new fire control selector adds a 1/4 inch to the left side of the weapon.
Butt took offence to this as Mohsin's claim was that he was in touch with his fellow selectors over the composition of the squad and had consulted them all the time," the source stated.
The selectors would "cut through the wine world jargon" and use criteria like price, grape and country to help consumers who struggle to make an informed purchasing decision, said Asda category director of BWS, Adrian McKeon.
Presented by DJ Goldierocks, The Selector plays British music, artist interviews, guest DJ mixes and exclusive live studio sessions from the best new bands every week.
Develop and demonstrate fundamental basis for selectors to improve activated sludge settleability.
Coach Peter Moores will sit down with national selector Geoff Miller and fellow selector Ashley Giles resisting calls for change when they announce the Test squad on Sunday.
THE England and Wales Cricket Board yesterday advertised for a new full-time national selector - as recommended by the Schofield Review.
They are understood to have told the board that there should be three new roles: a managing director of English cricket, a national selector and a director of county cricket.
This rubber chemicals and polymers selector guide is designed to introduce customers to the most popular products for the rubber industry that are offered by the company.
The OnColor Catalog Color Selector from PolyOne Corp.
A port selector is a component that enables redundant data paths in the event of a failure.
The product selector provides detailed fire-test certification summanes for fire resisting timber doors and screens, steel and aluminium clad systems, and smoke controlling glazing systems.
Once everything in the music library has been entered - not a terribly onerous task, since the typical station has a library of only 500 to 1,000 songs, the vast majority of which are rarely played - the director can give Selector a series of instructions and let the program produce a playlist.
Shortly before noon earlier this week, the lesson of the day for Juarez was hydraulics, in particular the location of the selector valve on a board covered with hoses, wires and machined bits of metal.