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Synonyms for select

Synonyms for select

to make a choice from a number of alternatives

singled out in preference

of fine quality

able to recognize small differences or draw fine distinctions

one that is selected

Synonyms for select

References in classic literature ?
He came to a dead stop, a yard from our step, and, leaning up against the railings, and selecting a straw to chew, fixed us with his eye.
How strange it is," said Vera, selecting a moment when all were silent, "that Sonya and Nicholas now say you to one another and meet like strangers.
Hilbery now gave all his attention to a piece of coal which had fallen out of the grate, and to selecting a favorable position for it among the lumps that were burning already.
Henderson duplicated it, selecting Harrison's right oar.
Begin by creating a blank form by selecting Forms from the list of Objects and then click on New (exhibit 1, page 78).
When we formed Select International in 1993, our goal was to become a leading provider of assessment solutions and a trusted partner when it comes to selecting and developing great people," said Kevin Klinvex, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Select International.
Now close the form by clicking on File from the toolbar menu and selecting Close.
Placemark also provides a feature rich web-based desktop application for advisors to use in profiling clients, selecting appropriate pre-defined models or creating custom solutions, producing custom proposals, and generating all of the necessary account opening paperwork, fully pre-populated.
asp and change the page title to Catalog Orders by right-clicking on the page and selecting Page Properties.