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any of numerous fishes of the class Chondrichthyes characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton and placoid scales: sharks

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Case GR and Cappetta H: The Eocene Selachian fauna from the Fayum Depression in Egypt.
Olson and Welton (1986:49) listed the selachian taxa and otoliths of unidentified sciaenids and bothids.
Espinosa-Arrubarrena (1979) and Espinosa-Arrubarrena and Applegate (1981) suggested a late Pliocene age for the selachian fauna of locality IGM 92 (Los Algodones) based on the stratigraphic ranges of the shark species, and a similarity between the invertebrate fauna that was collected at Espinosa-Arrubarrena's locality BCS-43 and faunas in the Imperial Formation in California and the San Marcos Formation near Santa Rosalia, Baja California.
Cretaceous fishes, selachians and ptychodonts: Univ.