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a measuring instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity and direction and duration of movements of the ground (as an earthquake)

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In the three-minute long clip, we can see the ultra-sensitive seismometer being deployed.
The seismometer of ST1 station was installed directly on the bedrock outcrop in the experimental gallery, where seismometers of seismic station OKC-Guralp CMG3ESP and SM3 are also installed.
The seismometer, from France's CNES space agency, has a leak in the vacuum container housing its primary sensors.
Used in tandem with seismometer outputs, rapid, high-precision GPS positioning produces the key data crunched by earthquake monitoring systems.
The basic idea is we need to deploy buoys that can sense the movement of water, install some seismometers in the sensitive areas, especially those so close to the seismic generator, not only in the Philippines but in other countries not far from the Manila Trench System.
Mohammad Akbar told Pajhwok Afghan News the seismometer was being installed in an area measuring one acre on a hilltop.
The huge peaks on the seismometer showed just how powerful the quake was - even though it was 6,000 miles away.
Whenever a major earthquake happens, I go out with portable seismometers to measure any aftershocks, or additional earthquakes that may occur in the same area.
We have been speaking to the British Geological Survey and they are looking to see if there is any suitable bit of equipment they could put in to replace the seismometer.
This means the school now boasts a working seismometer able to detect earthquakes of a magnitude greater than around 6.
Two years later a Committee for the Investigation of Scottish and Irish Earthquakes was formed by the British Association, the term seismometer was first used for machines measuring earthquakes, they found how to evaluate the epicentre (or point on the Earth's surface where the shock is greatest) and Prof J D Forbes designed the first seismometer, using an inverted pendulum writing on to a concave disc above.
Yoshimitsu Okada, an official with the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, said experts should closely monitor seismometer data in the region for up to a month for signs of the Tokai quake.
The app, called MyShake, could eventually provide early warning of approaching quakes in regions lacking sophisticated seismometer networks, Richard Allen of the University of California, Berkeley said February 11.
Pearson has put [Southern Methodist University] researchers in contact with city of Carrollton personnel so that SMU researchers can install a seismometer in the area to further pinpoint the locations of these seismic events.
The Russian pendulum seismometer S-5-S appeared as suitable for modification for the recording of rotational components of ground motion around the vertical or horizontal axis.