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Synonyms for seism

a shaking of the earth

Synonyms for seism

shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity

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In remarks on the work of the Seism Monitoring authority in the Kingdom, the members called for making geological survey to Makkah-based holy Haram area.
There used to be no way, but now insurance companies can put vehicular monitoring systems in the car [Stross 2012: Seism 2013].
cursed Archimedes at the window turns turns a vast seism blows up the
Faptul ca fabricile noastre au fost, pe alocuri, avariate de seism nu inseamna ca noi trebuie sa stam cu miinile in sin.
The choices made by modern engineers regarding the materials and design that are best suited for a particular dam depend upon complicated analyses of foundation conditions, load strains, temperature and pressure changes, the chemical characteristics of local groundwater, and the probability of seism activity.
We used the following search terms: (natural disaster * OR seism * OR earthquake * OR volcano * OR tsunami *) AND (infectious disease * OR communicable disease * OR epidemic * OR outbreak * OR vector-borne disease * OR arboviruses OR cholera OR malaria OR dengue OR West Nile virus OR Rift Valley fever OR hepatitis OR leptospirosis OR typhoid fever OR measles OR shigellosis OR scrub typhus OR plague OR diarrhea).
though in no way formal) seism which causes knowledge, or the subject, to vacillate: it creates an emptiness of language.
After a seism, inspection of the damages caused to structures is fundamental in order to determine urgent actions and other ones, which can be done later.
1998, FINSIM--a FORTRAN Program for Simulating Stochastic Acceleration Time Histories form Finite Faults, Seism.
Pilant, Complex roots of the Stoneley-wave equation, Bull Seism.
Seism attended the University of Arkansas and is a member of the Council on Foundations.
7) Leslie Seism and Jack Nicas "Insurers Get Approval to Use Drones" Dow Jones News Service 04/08/2015 http://propfpn.
The first method, APE A Priori information for Earthquake damage mapping, concerns the generation of maps to address the detection and estimate of damage caused by a seism.
On the other hand, Civil Defense authority in Jazan region said the National Center for Seism and Volcanoes has reported the occurrence of an earthquake some 50 km north east of the city of Jazan at 6:00 pm measuring 5.