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Synonyms for seism

a shaking of the earth

Synonyms for seism

shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity

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After a seism, inspection of the damages caused to structures is fundamental in order to determine urgent actions and other ones, which can be done later.
Pilant, Complex roots of the Stoneley-wave equation, Bull Seism.
On the other hand, Civil Defense authority in Jazan region said the National Center for Seism and Volcanoes has reported the occurrence of an earthquake some 50 km north east of the city of Jazan at 6:00 pm measuring 5.
Combining the earthquake depths with depth-to basement maps confirms that in places the Zagros basement is actively thrusting [11,16,28,29], but at the same time some seism genic faulting occurs purely within the sedimentary cover(Fig 4) [14,2].
Anita Seism 800 Founders Park President & CEO Drive E.
15:00 Finance Minister Mohammad Chatah to meet with Angela Merkel's advisor for tourism external and security affairs Christophe Hobsvan accompanied by middle east department head at the German chancellery Ludigei Seism as part of a stopover in Beirut during which they are to meet with Senior officials
Writing is after all, in its way, a satori," claims Barthes, "a more or less powerful seism which causes knowledge, or the subject, to vacillate: it creates an emptiness in language.
As American Red Cross relief workers travel to India to help earthquake survivors, 11 of their colleagues continue to help the thousands displaced by the violent seism in El Salvador.
He urged citizens and expatriates to remain reassured that the authorities concerned are vigilantly monitoring the seism and volcanic activity around the clock and would report to the relevant authority in case of any earthquake for necessary measures to be taken for the safety of people.
Additional information about the SEISM and the CMMI(R) is available at http://www.
Anita Seism heads the Northwest Arkansas Community Foundation, which comprises more than 100 funds, including its largest fund, the Care Foundation.
SCAMPI(SM) is a benchmark quality appraisal method used to evaluate an organization's compliance with the Capability Maturity Model(R) Integration (CMMI(R)) models developed by the SEISM of Carnegie Mellon University.
From Seism method field a method to clean wave surface from seismic records is presented contributing to enhance information from foothill areas.
As a group they strike me as too easy, too formulaic, too churned-out--a reservation, in an art world whose seisms are registered on the Richter scale, that admittedly runs against the consensus that everywhere surrounds this monstre sacre.
76) Derrida's own answer was that since the term itself, "state of theory," entailed both "political organization" and "statement," "California" stood for the former aspect of "political organization" or "institutional fortifications," which carried "increasingly flexible, mobile" implications for the latter aspect of "statement": "the state of California is once more exemplary in that respect, we are used to theoretical earthquakes here, and institutional architectures are erected to respond to the seisms or seismisms of all the new isms which might shake the structures, both post and new structures.