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a man of rank in the ancient regime

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The source explored in this article, however, although truncated, is one of the few expense books left by a Portuguese seigniorial house for this period, covering the years between 1500 and 1502.
28) However, the majority of those migrants who intruded upon the monopolies of the guilds resided in the seigniorial jurisdictions known as the liberties.
Rosmini also speaks of seigniorial society or the society formed by proper dominion, whether within the family or in the civil order.
Not surprisingly, these actions destabilized the relatively rigid structure of seigniorial relations in the state.
slaveowners as seigniorial paternalists, arguing that Southern
ABSTRACT: The attitude of the inhabitants of rural lordships in Catalonia in the fourteenth century and the early years of the fifteenth century regarding the obligation to participate in the reconstruction or reinforcement of the casde illustrates ah unusual case of collective resistance or opposition to a seigniorial right.
seigniorial and municipal) and ecclesiastical courts.
Examples of topics explored include the manipulation of formal seigniorial powers over land by Czech peasants of the Middle Ages, variations in the political implementation of the liberal land property paradigm across Europe, peasant strategies towards the disposition of land before and after the Napoleonic Civil Code in French Normandy, Nazi Germany's "Heredity Law" governing "ethnic" German land, and the transformation of collective farms in East Germany since 1989.
Expecting to feel more awed by a seigniorial elegance at the casa grande at Chactajal, he thought that:
53) Here he argued that the nobility had historically fought amongst themselves for seigniorial rights and routinely aligned with the three regional powers of Prussia, Russia and Austria according to their own inter-dynastic interests.
Besides marriage, like many of the great titles of the kingdom, the Benavente and the Tabara relied on state appointments to supplement flagging seigniorial rents, and Italy was seen by both as the source of the most lucrative and prestigious positions.
As Bowes concludes, "Estate-based communities were simply different from those envisioned by the episcopate, and their hierarchy and very raison d'etre were seigniorial, not episcopal" (188).
Most towns were dominated by a court and a seigniorial bureaucracy that also controlled the military (Lal 2005).
Thus seeing more in Humphrey's project than an effort to imitate the seigniorial libraries in Italy and treating him as being more than an influential appreciator of humanism, Summit demonstrates how his commissioning of a monk from Bury St.