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Synonyms for segregation

Synonyms for segregation

the act or process of isolating

the policy or practice of political, legal, economic, or social discrimination, as against the members of a minority group

Synonyms for segregation

(genetics) the separation of paired alleles during meiosis so that members of each pair of alleles appear in different gametes

the act of segregating or sequestering

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Jana (9) studied the segregation of sphere-shaped conducting particles (Ketjenblack 600JD, Akzo Nobel, 1.
Hong and Jana (11) investigated segregation along the thickness of injection molded PP and PS systems filled with 42 and 203 [micro]m diameter solid glass beads (Potters) (15), (20), and 30 wt%) and they also compared the mechanical properties of these systems to those of similar pressed molded systems.
The Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Segregation and Shrinkage
The segregation was determined on the flat specimens by measuring the bead content at different positions.
The effect of segregation was examined both along the fiow direction and perpendicular to the flow direction during injection molding.
Segregation was initially measured at three different positions in the flow direction and three different positions perpendicular to the flow direction (Fig.
Segregation measurements were similar in the two sides; only a minor effect was found, but the scatter of the measurement was higher than the effect itself.
As of October 31, Williams had not been released from administrative segregation, according to Boyle.