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someone who believes the races should be kept apart


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Board of Education, segregationist leaders proposed a program of "massive resistance" and segregation at all costs, yet cracks nevertheless began to appear as some white southerners, including journalists, began to question the goals and methods of the segregationists.
George Wallace, a noted segregationist, pardoned Clarence Norris, one of the Scottsboro nine, in 1976.
Smith regards the practice of blacks "passing" as whites as a form of subversion, by exposing "the loopiness of beliefs in absolute racial difference" and serving as "a powerful critique of the segregationist order" (104).
Second, he demonstrates how white and black Catholics resisted and embraced the segregationist tradition of the Deep South.
Although he was a segregationist because he served the state during the Jim Crow era, his moral conscience reflected his Christian upbringing.
She, too, was a woman who became an activist, dedicated to reforming the segregationist laws she felt were unjust -- an opinion which contemporary America now collectively shares.
Golden, the gadfly author of the Carolina Israelite newspaper, which circulated weekly mostly among southern Jews, developed a series of "Golden Plans" to show the absurdity of segregationist positions.
Perhaps then any institution where children of the same culture study together and appreciate their commonality is segregationist and should be undermined.
That shifted the political balance from the rural segregationist north to urban areas--primarily south of Interstate 4.
When the Free Press investigated the CNP and its ties to the Republican Party, Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates told the paper that the CNP included 'a former Ku Klux Klan leader and other segregationist policies.
Thurmond had run as a segregationist, and critics accused Lott of wishing for an alternative American history without integration.
These segregationist policies led to a later Supreme Court decision--Griffin v.
The 1970 musical Purlie wickedly lampooned a southern segregationist.