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having the body divided into successive metameres or segments, as in earthworms or lobsters

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It combines a segmented die with a dual-segmented air drag.
Once respondents have been segmented on the selected criterion, the segments can then be further examined regarding their differences on other characteristics, for example, attitudes toward different rehabilitation providers (Hooley, 1978).
The material profit and loss statement is designed to furnish a segmented profit and loss statement that relates to certain product lines, products, or models, generally depending upon the statements otherwise maintained, the amount of sales, or assets used, or operating profit attributed to, the particular product line, product, or model.
com/research/1cc756/demand_for_saas_bu) has announced the addition of the "Demand for SaaS Business Applications Segmented by US Size of Business" report to their offering.
Biomer is chemically a segmented polyurethaneurea (SPUU) prepared from hydroxyl-terminated poly(oxytetramethylene) (HT-PT), 4,4'-diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MD1) and ethylenediamine (ED).
One such DNA segment, called the homeo box, appears in animals, from worms to humans, that have segmented body plans (SN: 7/14/84, p.
World oscilloscopes market is segmented into three areas including World Digital Oscilloscopes market, World Analog Oscilloscopes market and World Computer Based Oscilloscopes market.
Electronics OEM survey respondents are segmented into OEM companies currently outsourcing and OEMs not/yet outsourcing, at 63.
The CodeGuard security found on Microchip's 16-bit devices features segmented Flash memory with code protection options for each segment.