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(embryology) the repeated division of a fertilised ovum

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Segmentation techniques are broadly classified into five categories based on the property and type of images dealt with.
KEYWORDS: image segmentation, machine vision, voting, cluster identification, image processing
The Analysis and Segmentation Engine performs business analysis, segmentation, and prediction so that customer interactions take place in an appropriate and personalized manner.
Our research found that traditional segmentation methodology can yield mistaken notions regarding market reach," emphasizes Stephen Graham, vice president of IDC's Software Channel and Alliance Strategies research program.
Brand segmentation, mainly using demographic measures
The basic proposition behind market segmentation is that within a total rehabilitation market there may be groups of consumers with similar wants and needs but whose wants and needs are different from other groups (Kotler, 1988).
The concept of market segmentation is drilled into marketers from the time they take their first introductory course.
It is designed to provide readers with food for thought in a re-examination of segmentation practice within their own organisations, so they can generate new consumer market segment schemes, which will satisfy the increasingly critical key criteria for high quality market segments that are needed to mitigate commoditisation and price competition.
The book aims to be a complete and comprehensive handbook for implementing successful data mining segmentation schemes in the framework of Customer Relationship Management.
Contains an executive summary and data on value, volume and segmentation for Drug Retail, Books, Catalog Retail, Department Stores, Food & Staples Retail, Food Retail, General Merchandise Stores, Home Furnishing Retail, Home Improvement Retail, Hypermarkets & Super Centers, Multiline Retail and Internet Retail
Table 2: Global Defense Spending Segmentation I: % Share, by Value, 2007 27
Table 2: Global Apparel Retail Market Segmentation I: % Share, by Value, 2007 27
This report provides all the necessary information on client segmentation in wealth management, and analyses the latest global research on its adoption, industry best practice and theory.
It includes detailed data on market size and segmentation, plus textual analysis of the key trends and competitive landscape, demographic information, and descriptions of the leading companies.