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Synonyms for segmental

divided or organized into speech segments or isolable speech sounds

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having the body divided into successive metameres or segments, as in earthworms or lobsters

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Segmentally and regionally distributed, clustered enhanced, or clustered ring enhanced lesions were found to have significantly higher cancer detection rates among NME lesions.
15]N TROSY-HSQC (Transverse relaxation-optimized spectroscopy--Heteronuclear single quantum coherence) spectra of the four kinds of segmentally isotope-labeled T[F.
In the examples of segmentally filed codas, we excluded all possible cases of inflected forms with a non-lexical final /S/.
Analysis of segmentally erected concrete bridges at construction stages.
Radiologic UIP requires the presence of lower-lobe, peripheral-predominant honeycombing that is not segmentally distributed.
The spinal cord hemisection was carried out segmentally over a width of 2 mm in order to prevent cutting remainder in the hemisectioned region and to avoid neuronal readhesions and elongation of the injured axons in that region (Figure 1).
Differential equations are established segmentally, and integration constants are obtained from boundary conditions on the basis of material-bend deformation theory.
Pectoralis major segmental anatomy and segmentally split pectoralis major flaps.
The final marine crossing method selected was a segmentally lined tunnel to be used as a conduit for the installation of the GLNG Gas Transmission Pipeline (Figure 1).
The anterior and posterior leaflets were removed, and the septal leaflet was segmentally resected.
Due to the human anatomy, vibration transmission occurs segmentally from the vibration source to the feet, then to the calves, up to the thighs, and from the trunk through the neck to the head.
that are borne apically during the early larval stages start shifting downward gradually in late-stage larvae and finally become arranged segmentally during the postlarval and juvenile phases, when the flagellar segments increase in number.
Apterae are rather elongate oval, pale green or yellow, typically with black or dark green longitudinal pleural stripes that may be segmentally divided, and dark siphunculi.
Upon identification of the Stensen duct, it was clear that the duct would have to be segmentally resected in order to remove the tumor en bloc (figure 2).