segmental arch

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a shallow arch

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Jack Arched Roofing: It reveals from archival drawings and existing old buildings that the major components of Jack Arch roofing were Bricks for construction of Segmental Arch, Steel Joists to support arches, Tie Rods at ends arches to keep the arch in its original position and to address the problems of tensile stresses, Wall Plates and Nuts to make the connection of Tie Rods from its both ends.
He was also a member of the PTI ad-hoc committee that developed the original American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Guide Specifications for concrete segmental bridges, and was the first to apply these specifications to concrete segmental arch structures such as the Crooked River and Hoover Dam Bypass bridges.
c wooden window segmental arch with 2 openable casements, 3 openable casements and fixed glazing.
Above a plinth of courses of rugged stone, a wide segmental arch straddled and wrapped around two round turreted towers below a patterned gable - so typical of Richardson (Fig.
The difference between these two proportions is resolved by a segmental arch placed against the fireplace wall, while the vault is related to the room below by having its lower points fixed by the width of the window, the segmental top of which rises snugly into the transverse curve of the vault.
Door with skylight; 1 St glass partition 37 m2 with 2pcs doors; 6St T30-fixed glazing in steel frame with segmental arch