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Synonyms for segment

Synonyms for segment

one of the parts into which something is divided

a part severed from a whole

a particular subdivision of a written work

to make a division into parts, sections, or branches

Synonyms for segment

one of several parts or pieces that fit with others to constitute a whole object

one of the parts into which something naturally divides

divide or split up

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USDA data and an independent study show the rural lifestyle market segment is an attractive growth opportunity for many agriculture marketers.
The three tissue segments have very specific needs.
The next step was to reach the geniculate ganglion by following the tympanic segment of the facial nerve.
A hydropathy plot of the M segment protein sequence shows at least six highly hydrophobic, potentially membrane-spanning regions (Figure 1).
Midtown South's Chelsea and Park Avenue South/Madison Square segments each recorded monthly leasing activity of 50,000 square feet, followed by the Flatiron District with 40,000 square feet.
14 deals with the quantity of information that must be reported for both industry and geographical segments.
The explicit design of services to satisfy the needs of particular market segments is central to the segmentation approach.
or components therefor) to third parties not members of the related group, determined under "level of specificity" rules that essentially require that the test be applied to the narrowest potential industry segment that meets the three tests.
The tiny NoHo/SoHo segment experienced a tremendous increase in activity from a year ago, dropping its availability rate by more than two points.
A company decides to dispose of a business segment and accrues a loss in accordance with Accounting Principles Board Opinion no.
With respect to the market segments, the commercial aircraft segment continued its dominance, accounting for a market share of 77.
Fat Replacers by Product Segment - Carbohydrate-Based Fat
Robust leasing activity in the Park Avenue segment continued last month, reflecting the "flight-to-quality" trend that has characterized the Midtown recovery over the past two-and-a-half years, according the Edward S.
While perfectly adequate for tax purposes, the financial analyses often aren't useful for planning business strategies or for understanding how business really is performing, segment by segment.