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Details are melancholy; the plan is seemly and noble.
Gathering that the wedding-dress was on view, and that a visit would be seemly, she went to Evie's room.
He was shouting for the very course Sergey Ivanovitch had proposed; but it was evident that he hated him and all his party, and this feeling of hatred spread through the whole party and roused in opposition to it the same vindictiveness, though in a more seemly form, on the other side.
But it would be quite as seemly, in one like you, to follow a pursuit better becoming your years and courage.
Come home with me--it is but across the road--and take a little time to recover your peace and to make your eyes seemly, and then I will bear you company through the streets.
Bob's talk appeared less seemly, now some one besides himself was listening to it.
There's no way to know for sure if the two members of the judiciary really were feeling the heat, because it is not considered seemly in Canadian society to question judges.
What can we expect and how can we explain such seemly indiscriminate purchases in not-so-glorious neighborhoods?
But his parents were to divorce, and as it would not be seemly for Daby's father to be seen raising a young child on his own, Daby was sent to live with an uncle in Djeole, in the south of the country near Kaedi, on the banks of the Senegal River.
Edward Burne-Jones was the pre-Raphaelite painter of dolorous scenes of redheaded women and chivalrous men who seem a bit more soulful than is seemly.
With this in mind it might be nice (with the planning department's approval) to replace them with something just a little more seemly.
eye of the falcon without seemly rectitude without the platitude
Formerly, it would not have been seemly for one famous puppeteer to be in attendance when another puppeteer was working.
He comports himself in a seemly way and doesn't "fuck married mothers, only available ones," those "who wanted to date and who'd lined up an appropriate babysitter.
His eyes tearing, seemly from the physical trauma, he held his head high looking directly into the eyes of the three-judge panel.