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Synonyms for seeking

the act of searching for something


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an attempt to acquire or gain something

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3 : to make an attempt <Doctors are seeking to find a cure.
Also, Sarah Burghart, 23 Edward Road, seeking a three-year term as a Taft Public Library trustee; Judith Leonilli, 47 Asylum St.
In second term, which ends 2009, and would consider seeking a third term to finish downtown Reseda redevelopment.
Help seeking is defined as seeking help from instructors or peers (Pintrich et al.
Help seeking in academic settings; goals, groups, and contexts.
This analysis addresses commonalities between information-seeking behavior related to the handheld book with hypertextual qualities and digital materials, the social nature of information seeking, and emerging issues of access.
Policyholders also should review carefully any provisions governing advancement of defense costs and related provisions seeking to allocate responsibility for defense costs.
Senator Bob Dole's disclosure of his erectile dysfunction and Mile Wallace's public declaration (or that of Tony Soprano's) about seeking professional help for depression has done much to "normalize" such problems for males, leading them to seek needed assistance.
This supplemental funding will ensure that we are able to respond speedily and effectively to the needs of our steadfast coalition partners in the war on terror, to newly elected governments who are seeking our stabilizing assistance to move forward with reforms, and to the men, women and children swept up in humanitarian emergencies who have turned to us in need.
When patients delay seeking medical attention after noticing symptoms of cancer there may be consequences in terms of the eventual staging of the disease at diagnosis, its prognosis and their survival.
Either (i) the entity is seeking relief for a late S corporation or QSub election and it has reasonable cause for its failure to make the timely S election; or (ii) the S corporation and the entity are seeking relief for an inadvertent invalid S election or an inadvertent termination of an S election due to the failure to make a timely ESBT or QSST election and the failure to file the timely S election was inadvertent; and
Women reformers especially, seeking to expand their roles in urban life, "drew on a cultural understanding of 'women's sphere'" in their efforts to "purify public space" (7).
law enforcement officials, particularly when seeking justice in exceptional cases, should consider exploring another legal process called domestic prosecution, foreign prosecution, or, simply, Article IV.
Seeking help with academic and career issues is a way for students to increase their chances of achieving career goals.