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(computer science) the time it takes for a read/write head to move to a specific data track

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25MB per surface, four data surfaces, four read/write heads, 72 to 120 sectors per track, 12ms average seek time and 250,000 hours MTBF.
25 design, made with split-head optical design, high speed voice coil motor and direct seek method, enables it to achieve the 35 millisecond seek time.
Weighing less than two ounces, CMS' Fire & Forget has a data transfer rate of up to 20MB per second, with an average seek time of 15ms.
They make the distinction between disk seek time at half that of IBM disks and disk access time--the two are not the same.
0ms average seek time, a 2MB cache buffer incorporating a high-speed 100MHz SDRAM memory for high sustained transfer rate, Maxtor's proprietary DualWave processor, and UltraDMA 66 for up to 66MB per second transfer rates.
6GB media, and have a maximum 20MB/sec data transfer rate and 25ms average seek time.
To ensure optimal performance in a multicast environment, it is necessary to be able to identify network configuration issues, as well as monitor and measure factors such as seek time, transfer time and network latency.